Burberry Handbag,Small Check Shoulder Bag

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The Burberry Small Check Shoulder Bag is a delightfully kicky new venture for Burberry.

This happily trimmed purse also comes in a cheery shade of red, which picks up the red line in the Burberry check quite handsomely -- but we couldn't resist featuring this sunny, yet autumnal yellow.

This retro bowler-shaped bag features a classy Burberry pleat adorned with a subtly hidden logo. We love the handles, so get rid of that shoulder strap if you don't absolutely need it. The Italian-made bag is 12"W X 8½"H X 5¼"D, just small enough to ensure that no one mistakes it for your work bag. It's lined in cotton and has several inside pockets to keep your leisure-time goodies organized. 



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