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2010 March: Luxury Product for Handbag, Watches and so on...


Gucci is pleased to announce the launch of the ground-breaking Gucci App for iPhone and iPod touch, which is now available from the App Store. The app synthesizes the worlds of fashion, technology and

Louis Vuitton Authentic Double Jeu Neo-noe Bag

Available for your consideration is a rare, magnificent,  Louis Vuitton authentic Monogram Double Jeu Neo-Noe Bag.  The bag was featured on the runway as part of Louis Vuitton’s 2009 Fall Collection.  The Double Jeu Neo-Noe is actually two bags in one, offering a fresh twist to the iconic version of Louis Vuitton’s Noe.  The bag was crafted in France of gorgeous embossed calfskin leather with polished golden hardware.  The matching Pochette, which fits neatly inside the bag, is made from Jacquard fine textile fabric with metallic threads.  Either bag can be carried separately.  The front of the leather bag is embossed with the iconic LV logo skillfully designed in polished golden metal pointed studs.  The front of the Pochette features a Louis Vuitton polished golden Inventeur plaque.  Retail is $4,040.00....

Gucci handbags,for presentable lady

When it refers to the Gucci handbags eternal design and elegance, no other brands can compete with Gucci for its graceful appearance and noble quality. Girls all like to wear fashion Gucci handbags in shopping. Now follow me to learn about the eternal design in detail of Gucci handbags.
In the year of 2010, Gucci will launch Gucci bamboo handbags. The handles of the bags are made from bamboo which are from the nature. So the bags are not easily broken. Double G logo and bright red and green combination are the symbols of Gucci brand. And also they are the classic design of Gucci brand. All the Gucci products like Gucci handbags, Gucci handbags spring summer, Gucci wallets etc have the classic Gucci logo on the surfaces. Gucci has its classic Gucci handbags, but this year it has some new things to show...

The New Pelham Large Shoulder Bag of Gucci

Hello, gorgeous. To be honest with you, I don’t necessarily go out of my way to find a great Gucci handbag. I know, seems kind of harsh, right? Well, I’ve just been underwhelmed with Gucci handbag designs lately. That is until today, when I found myself drooling on my keyboard over this Gucci New Pelham Large Shoulder Bag . I love everything about this bag, seriously, everything. I’d even considering making this bag my next big splurge...

Fendi Wood-Frame Leather Clutch 2010

I’m so utterly pleased to see the bags from the Fendi Spring 2010 catwalk starting to land in stores. This bag collection is my favorite from Fendi in…well, almost forever. It had a bohemian grace and ease to it that is difficult to capture, and they did a fine job.

The Fendi Wood-Frame Leather Clutch is a great example of the slightly boho vibe that the collection had, and unlike the emerging clog trend (no no no, I cannot live in a world where clogs are ok), the wooden touches on this leather handbag are totally acceptable. They might even be pretty.

Chanel ,the fashion week handbags

Like the rest of  Chanel’s Spring 2010 collection, the bags that we saw walk their runway (barnway?) were more rustic-chic than classic Parisian. Whether that’s your thing or not, Karl Lagerfeld certainly seems to believe in it.
The problem with Chanel, though, is that for better or for worse, they have a lot of aesthetic history to consider when a new collection is designed, and Lagerfeld usually chooses to acknowledge that history. What that means is that mostly, Chanel doesn’t innovate. They do something different here and there, and a lot of their bags are quite lovely, but rarely do we see them starting new bag trends.

The biggest Chanel bag in the world

Sighted tonight in the cold rain, New York City, 5th Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman. Even though it’s just a prop, it’s worth noticing.

How one could not notice it, the biggest Chanel bag in the world .is the question....

The bamboo handle bag of Gucci

Since the year dot  Gucci has created luxury bags which for lots of women were like a dream come true; this new bamboo large top handle bag beautifully crafted in crocodile skin and with bamboo detail and nickel ware will add a touch of extravagant elegance to your look. Yes, the price is on the steep side - it will set you back 13 million euro - but this Gucci bamboo bag will last a lifetime; a classic, timeless investment piece which you can wear every season!...

The creative director of Gucci Frida Giannini

Frida Giannini’s unique talent and modern vision have fueled her rise as the leading creative force behind one of the world’s most celebrated fashion houses.

Born in Rome in 1972 to an architect father and art history professor mother, Giannini studied fashion design at Rome’s Fashion Academy before apprenticing in a small ready-to-wear house. In 1997, she went to Fendi where she worked as a ready-to-wear designer for three seasons before being named designer for Fendi leathergoods.

Gucci 197953 Silver Joy Medium Tote Handbag

- Gucci Leather plaque embossed.
- White GG fabric canvas.
- Double silver leather handles and silver leather trim.
- Magnetic snap closure top with silver leather trim.
- Zip and cell phone, Patch pocket inside.
- This Gucci 197953 Silver Joy Medium Tote Handbags comes with: GUCCI Contollato Card,GUCCI Care Card,GUCCI Logo Dustbag. Gucci considered one of the most famous, and prestigious brands, it is easily recognized by the people.

Chanel's history

When you think of designers, luxury and full-on to-die-for glamour, one name that instantly springs to mind is Chanel.
Famous for quilted bags, Little Black dresses and that iconic double C logo, the French fashion house is one of the most well known and instantly recognisable brands in the world.
With a new film biopic about its legendary creator, Coco Chanel, due out this year the line is currently more high profile and successful than ever.
Coco Chanel was born in 1883 and first established the House of Chanel in 1909 when she opened the first millinery shop, called Chanel Modes, in Paris. She retained the role of chief designer for the company until her death in 1971.

The history of Gucci

Gucci, or the House of Gucci, is an Italian haute couture establishment. It was founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921. Like many other high-fashion companies, Gucci began as a small, family-owned saddlery and leather goods store. Guccio Gucci was the son of an Italian merchant form the country's northern manufacturing region.Blow is the history of Gucci.

In 1898 Guccio Gucci left Florence in Italy to traveled to Paris and London, where he "gained an appreciation of cosmopolitan culture, sophistication, and aesthetics". So in 1905 he returned to Italy and started selling saddles and saddlebags, and was quite successful.

Gucci opened his first boutique in the family's native Florence in 1921 and quickly built a reputation for quality, hiring the best ...

About Louis Vuitton wallets

As we all know, Louis Vuitton established in 1854, and now subordinates in France produces the high-quality luxurious thing specially Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton group. The founder is Louis Vuitton himself. Louis Vuitton the host hits is various leather handbags (for example handbag, wallet and so on).

And has anyone ponders why Louis Vuitton handbags and wallets do not fade form 1854 to now? I think first, Louis Vuitton insists its style since continuously. Louis Vuitton brand since 150 has been advocated the fine, quality, comfortable “travel philosophy” as design foundation. Louis Vuitton which has already spread over the world becomes traveling finest symbol....


 Do you have an expensive bag as there were minor cracks, gloss rapidly faded, faded out of the distressed and so it incessantly; below for you to bring something new to make bags to accompany you more about the long-term approach.

      1, Louis Vuitton bags encounter rain or during damp mildew that can be used soft dry cloth wiped the water-soaked or become moldy. But do not water and gasoline eraser, because the water can harden leather, gasoline can dermis volatile oil and chapped.

      2, Louis Vuitton handbangs should be regularly sent to the maintenance of professional leather shop to conduct a thorough cleaning and sterilization. Professional equipment package in the cleaning process, will be added to the mold, sterilization agents, all kinds of bacteria, mold completely removed.



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