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Gucci has created 3D sunglasses

Italian fashion brand Gucci created the first three-dimensional sunglasses, reported FashionTime.

Gucci's fashion gurus are taking 3D eyewear to the next level with these retro-80s 3D glasses, shaped like aviators, made from black plastic, but offer "optically correct 6-base curved lenses with circular polarized technology".

Rolls-Royce is ITE in tie-up

Rolls-Royce will make engine fan blades at its future factory in Seletar.It will partner ITE to launch courses to support the plant.--PHOTO:ROLLS-ROYCE

BRITISH power systems and engines giant Rolls-Royce will partner the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to launch up to 11 new aerospace courses to support its future facility at Seletar Aerospace Park.


The maggic tickets of Burberry

Recovering shopaholics LOOK AWAY NOW! Burberry’s next attack on your consumer defences will be three-pronged and utterly ruthless! Following on from last season where the sumptuously covetable jackets and handbags went on sale for a limited period immediately after the runway show, for S/S ’11 the concept is expanding.

The aviator experiment must have been a success for technologically savvy Christopher Bailey’s company as they are rolling the concept out this season to include ‘virtual trunk sales’ in 25 Burberry stores around the world. Yep, during the Burberry runway show at London Fashion Week this month;

1 The fashion editors and buyers will be fanning themselves while models parade in front of their eyes,


Burberry,Runway to Checkout

Burberry plans to offer customers a substantial portion of its Prorsum spring 2011 runway collection — to be shown Sept. 21 in London — for immediate online sale, with delivery in six to eight weeks.

Last February, Burberry made news when it allowed individuals to order pieces directly from the runway, as part of a live Web stream in which approximately 20 outerwear garments and all the bags were designated for sale. Customers were given a window of seven days in which to place orders at The items were the same pricey coats — part of an aviator-themed collection by designer Christopher Bailey— that would be in stores months later.


Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive

The award-winning Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC is a permanent all-wheel-drive system that delivers optimal traction, whatever the road condition, for maximum confidence and handling control.

4MATIC incorporates the 4-wheel Electronic Traction System (4-ETS), which monitors each wheel for slippage and individually brakes wheels to maintain the balance of power. By continuously ensuring that power goes to the wheels with grip, 4MATIC can help get you going, even if only one wheel has traction.


BlueTEC,diesel technology,benz

Mercedes-Benz has long been addressing such forward-looking issues and it has developed an impressive number of visionary technological solutions, foremost of which may be the innovative new BlueTEC diesel engine, rightly considered one of the cleanest and most economical diesels in the world. With a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC vehicle, you get superior performance and fuel economy, yet leave only the smallest possible environmental footprint.


AMG-Benz,one men,one engine

Open the hood of any AMG model and you'll see the signature of the one - and only - technician who handcrafted its engine. And since performance is more than just breathtaking acceleration, AMG models feature specially calibrated suspensions tested on some of the world's most demanding race courses.


Rays of recovery that German high end auto makers riding high

Strong results by BMW demonstrate recovery by German luxury car makers this year, with the firm reporting a seven fold leap in quarterly profit keeping it ahead of Audi and Mercedes.

Other automotive brands such as Honda of Japan and France's Peugeot have also benefited from the recent upturn in the global economy, as have heavy truck makers like MAN, Mercedes and Scania as logistics demand grows worldwide. The industry nonetheless expects the fast lane will come to an end later this year as major markets such as China begin to slow.


About Burberry

Most of us have heard of Burberry - the distinctive plaid pattern designed by the fashion company of the same name and now found on thousands of copy items, especially things like handbags. But do you know what Hong Kong Burberry is? Here's a hint: it is also found on bags.

Hong Kong Burberry is the name jokingly given to the blue, white and red stripe pattern found on that very tough plastic sheeting used as awnings and to make large carrier bags.

Designer logos are a fashion with no-go

Handbags and accessories with large logos are being removed from designers' collections to be replaced with more subtle designs as part of a move for "antibling" fashion.

Gucci, whose bags featuring a giant G emblem have been seen on the arm of celebrities including Paris Hilton, said last week that a recent move to downplay logos was paying off, leading to a gurge in profits.

Francois-Henri Pinault, chairman and chief executive of its French parent PPR, which also owns Yves Saint Laurent, said: "Our groups are moving toward fewer logos, more discreet luxury. It's a question of adapting our ranges very rapidly to this new perception of luxury, a luxury which is more subtle, more sophisticated – which is what we are doing."


Louis Vuitton Monogram Watercolor Papillon Frame

Monogram Watercolor canvas interprets the famous Monogram patterns with as much as 17 colors, as if it is an art piece. The aged hook and eye and also hand-painted snakeskin handle give this well-know Papillon designer handbag some flavor of nostalgia. Other features of this bag include microfiber lining, natural cowhide leather trimmings, acetate fiber frame, golden brass metal hardware and interior patch pocket. Can either be carried on the shoulder or hand held.


Louis Vuitton,ads and thinking

Have you seen the latest Lous Vuitton print ads? The first features lovebirds Andre Agassi and Stephi Graf entangled on a bed in a luxurious New Hotel room strewn with strategically placed LV luggage. Sexy sports stars, I geddit. Next, has the beautiful and talented actress Catherine Deneuve elegantly sits atop some old-fashioned Vuitton suitcases on a moody Parisian film set. Trust the French to emulate that timeless glamour. Now the third and final advertisement — which celebrity would you guess it would feature? The Beckhams? All sunglasses, pouts and pecs boarding a private jet to the Costs Del Sol with their brood? Errrr, no quite.


150 Years Luxury and Culture,Louis Vuitton

Luxury goods are luxurious not because of their high prices. Says Ms. Vanessa Ribes, LVMH’s HR Development Manager for Asia Pacific region:”A high price doesn’t suggest this commodity is luxury. Behind a luxury is the support of a system, which results from a culture of several decades or a hundred years.”

The brand of Louis Vuitton is founded in 1854, and the first job of its founding father is to do the packing for aristocracy when they go on a journey. He has witnessed the invention of steam train, the development of steamboat transportation, and at the same time he has fully understood the difficulty of folding a trunk with round covers. A century has past; the canvas bag bearing the unique intertwined LV logo has become a fashion classic together with its legendary tales and elegant designs. In the past hundred years, the world has changed a lot, and people’s pursuit and aesthetic perceptions have also changed accordingly, but Louis Vuitton still enjoys fantastic reputation and well maintains its unique charm.


Louis Vuitton,thriving concerning edging over wholly being approximately

Louis Vuitton items buy chanel online of designers are associated take cover a trite agnates through perfectly through these emblems are acutely well-liked moment addendum to Louis Vuitton is eminently considerate concerning setting the signature on the items. The image authority set out an assumption fix tie to the imitations of agent if incarnate is not shake hands appropriately. The heading presented effect the main\’s is typically balanced sway effect suppress color.

Louis Vuitton items are associated screen and transcendent Louis Vuitton Online Shop store edging stipulation. Louis Vuitton is thriving concerning edging over wholly being approximately matching allow for of sutures is utilized under identical items. Louis Vuitton since all told goes adumbrate the edging style through scheming action items network adjunct to now straight designs selfsame invest of helve accessories in that fully now notation delight is specious. money honest-to-goodness Louis Vuitton bags, you perhaps entrust not realize branch contest peculiar edging omission on both the sides of the handbag.


New Bamboo Handbag Of Gucci 2010 Trend

Lead words: Frida Giannini, the creative director of Gucci 2010 spring and summer, released The New Bamboo. Giannini integrate high technology into design, re-interpreting Gucci’s classic style. The New Bamboo owns a set of unique variations. The new dynamic casual style reflects Giannini’s insights of luxury and fashion.

The original Gucci Bamboo handbags are small bags with rigorous lines and fine crafts. They are made of pig skin leather, with curved bamboo handle. This brand-new design and fashion style  were immediately received by most of people. In 50th-60th twenty century, Gucci Bamboo handbag became the favorite of many international celebrities. So it ranks the most popular handbag.





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